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Argentina. Hundreds of thousands demonstrate across Argentina against femicides

#NiUnaMenos was a massive demonstration, one of the biggest during the last years. Thousands of people marched in 80 cities across Argentina. Workers, student, youth, all of them joined to demand ¡Ni una menos! (Not one more murdered woman). Uruguay, Chile and Mexico joined the protest.

Jueves 4 de junio de 2015

The growing violence against women sparked a national movement of protest against femicides and gender violence. As a part of this movement, more than three hundred thousand people (others say 500,000) marched yesterday. There were demonstrations in many provinces like Jujuy, Salta and Tucuman (north), Cordoba and Santa Fe (center) Neuquen (south).

  •  Buenos Aires: The demonstration at Congress’ surroundings was historic. Workers got out from work to march, students left schools, and many colleges shut their doors to allow teachers, workers and students to attend the demonstration. Unions, women and left organizations held rallies around Congreso, and blocked the streets.

    Left and Workers’ Front’s legistlators Nicolas del Caño, Christian Castillo, Myriam Bregman, and Patricio del Corro joined women’s organization Pan y Rosas (bread and rosas) in Buenos Aires.

    Pan y Rosas (bread and roses) and PTS held a rally after the march in Buenos Aires

  •  Rosario: Thousands gathered at the Monumento a la Bandera (Flag Monument) to say #NiUnaMenos.
  •  La Plata: Women, teachers’ union, workers and left organizations gathered outside the city’s cathedral to march against femicides.
  •  Mendoza: Workers and the Left Front’s Mendoza legislator, Noelia Barbeito, joined workers and students at Mendoza’s demonstration.
  •  Cordoba: 70,000 people marched in Cordoba city, people at the demonstration reject government officials present at the demonstration.
  •  Neuquen (Patagonia): 10, 000 people marched at Neuquen capital, they joined the protest called by hospital workers and women organizations.
  •  Jujuy: Ten thousand people demonstrated in Jujuy against femicides and violence against women.
  •  Montevideo (Uruguay), Santiago de Chile, and Mexico City, joined the demonstrations and #NiUnaMenos campaign.

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