ARGENTINA: Successful election for the Left and Workers’ Front

22 de junio de 2015 | Noelia Barbeito, a 33 year-old teacher and a member of the Socialist Workers Party (Partido de los Trabajodores Socialistas, PTS) representing the Left and Workers' Front obtained 10,39 % of the (...)


EndAusterityNow: thousands march against cuts in London

20 de junio de 2015 | The streets of London were filled with protesters calling for an end to the government's austerity cuts.


FROM LONDON: End Austerity Now - National Demonstration

19 de junio de 2015 | On Saturday, much of Central London is expected to be taken over by a massive anti-austerity protest. The demo on 20 June against austerity is going to be (...)


Hundreds join protest against racist policing in Washington, D.C.

18 de junio de 2015 | On Tuesday, June 16, a protest was held in Washington, D.C. to demand an “end to racist police terror” that is rampant in the capitol and throughout the country. Over two hundred people gathered at (...)


Are We Facing a Central American Spring?

17 de junio de 2015 | A wave of protests raises the possibility of a “spring” in Central America.


Border militarization on the rise

17 de junio de 2015 | US congressman Henry Cuellar announced last Wednesday that two Black Hawk high-tech helicopters would be sent to patrol the Mexico-Laredo border.

Left debates in Argentina

The “United Front” as a justification for fighting candidacies

16 de junio de 2015 | Debates within the Left and Workers’ Front (FIT) in Argentina.


The Struggle for Justice in Cleveland Continues

16 de junio de 2015 | Tamir Rice, Tanisha Anderson, Timothy Russell, and Malissa Williams, alongside countless others are the names currently on the minds of activists, students, and community members in Cleveland. (...)


ARGENTINA: The Scope of a New Strike

12 de junio de 2015 | In a strike that took place all over the country, the Left and fighting sectors raised their voices within the transportation strike and “piquetes” (roadblocks), aside from bureaucratic unions, (...)


Argentina marches for women’s lives

10 de junio de 2015 | In downtown Buenos Aires, the march grew so massive that it was almost impossible to move, and participants had to wait their turn to take even one step forward. Estimates range between 300,000 (...)


Amidst growing workers’ discontent with Dilma and PT, Brazil’s Conlutas union holds its second conference

10 de junio de 2015 | There’s a growing discontent in Brazil’s large working class that was partially expressed by two minor “national days of strikes and protests” held by most trade unions in Brazil, An upsurge in (...)


The Government’s War on Immigrants in the streets of Paris

10 de junio de 2015 | On Monday, June 8th in the afternoon, the State Security Police Force (CRS) violently threw out a hundred immigrants who were assembled in a public park near Pajol Road, in the 18th (...)


National Strike in Argentina: voices from the Left

9 de junio de 2015 | Today, at the road blockade carried out by workers of the fighting unionism and the left, La Izquierda Diario talked to Rubén Matu from Lear, Catalina Balaguer from PepsiCo and Javier “Poke” (...)


ARGENTINA: Why we strike?

9 de junio de 2015 | 10 demands for the general strike in Argentina


Argentina: National Strike

9 de junio de 2015 | Although the union leaders had prepared a passive strike, the left and the combative workers set road blocks to ensure a successful strike. Unions and workers are demanding the ceiling on salary (...)


Thousands protest against the G7 in Germany

9 de junio de 2015 | The leaders of the world's seven most powerful nations came together on Sunday in Elmau Castle in the south of Germany. More than 5,000 anticapitalist protestors took to the streets against the (...)


LA union bureaucracy pushes for a worse deal for its union members

8 de junio de 2015 | For the past several years, the fast food workers’ fight for a $15 minimum wage has expanded.


June 9: Argentina’s workers to strike

8 de junio de 2015 | Although the union leaders are preparing a passive strike, the left and the combative workers have proposed assemblies and road blocks to ensure a successful strike. They are also demanding the (...)

Teachers Burn Electoral Material

7 de junio de 2015 | Today in Oaxaca city, teachers from section 22 of the National Syndicate of Education Workers, organized within the National Coordinator of Educational Workers, a dissenting sector of the union, (...)


Heavy repression before the elections in Guerrero, there is currently a tense calm in the city

7 de junio de 2015 | The police and military forces that entered Guerrero yesterday, continue their intimidatory actions, police check points, and the oversight of the voting polls in Chilpancingo and other main (...)

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